Mega Christmas Raffle

Mega Christmas Raffle Terms and Conditions

Mega Raffle to be held on Sunday 21 November.   1.30pm start time.  More details confirmed closer to the time.

Tickets to be sold at the Café and Bar from Tuesday 6 April 2021.

Each book will be labelled A, B, C etc. and have 100 pages and each page has 100 tickets.   A ticket is 20c and a line is $2 and a page is $20.  We will use as many books of 100 pages as needed throughout the year.

You must write your first and last name along with your membership Number in the raffle square, line or page.   If we cannot decipher the winner due to these details not being written correctly there will be a re-draw.

Tickets for the raffle will close at close of business Friday 19 November 2021.

You must be a member of the Club to purchase tickets in the Raffle.

Numbers must be sold consecutively.  No skipping numbers or pages.

Once Draw starts it will continue until all prizes have gone with the odd break during the draw.

You do not have to be at the Club on the day to win.

All prizes will be numbered and displayed on the day.  The number on the prize corresponds to the draw number.

All funds from the raffle will go back into buying prizes for the draw.

A separate bank account will be opened for the money to be deposited into with two signatures needed-one a Staff member and one a Committee member.

Event Details